Does faith guarantee answers?

It is not uncommon to hear preachers say, “Your prayer was not answered because you didn’t have enough faith!” or “He was not healed because he did not have enough faith!” or “That happened because you doubted!” Have you heard such teachings or accusations? We’ll examine this teaching by comparing it with what the Bible…

Is Faith “Power within you”?

There is a common false teaching so rampant in Christianity today, which teaches that you have power within you – or that God has given you that power – to imagine, speak and make things happen through words. Is it really what the Bible teaches?

What does the Bible teach about Faith?

What if I told you that what millions of Christians believe about faith is totally wrong and no different from new age teachings? What if you got it wrong all along? Have you ever examined what the Bible teaches about faith?

My New Bible

I mostly write about what’s in the Bible. But this time, I’m writing about my Bible – a specific Bible that I now own and cherish. I love to read the Bible because it has turned my whole life upside-down, for better. And I also collect Bibles (my wife knows my obsession with Bibles -…


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