Jesus, make me more like you !

Christlikeness is the goal of Christian life. God chose us so that we might know Him, have fellowship with Him and be transformed more and more like His Son Jesus Christ. And this is my prayer in this poem:

Help me Jesus, more of your beauty see!
Let your light shine in my wicked heart
That hatred and bitterness may flee!
Grant Grace and help me do my part!

Let Love be my goal, for, You are Love!
Set me free from sin’s clutches
That I may fly free as a Dove!
Let Thy Sprit guard me lest evil touch!

Thy Word is a lamp to my feet
And light to my path – engrave
Them upon my heart, clean and neat!
And from corruption, my heart, save!

Be Thou my portion in this World, I pray!
From the world’s vain pride and lust, deliver us!
As I pray and read Your Word everyday
Make me more like You dear Jesus!

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