Back to basics…

I felt that I had lost focus in my walk with Christ. So I sat down to pen down what’s essential and what’s not.

Pondering silently over my Savior’s words, I began to see clearly. And here’s what I found:

I re-discovered that the priority is always on knowing God, loving Him, obeying Him and walking with Him. And by the strength that flows out of my fellowship with Christ, I must love my neighbor. The same old Martha-Mary story – turn my eyes upon Jesus, listen to Him, wait upon Him and obey Him in the little things of life – however trivial or insignificant. Saying no to the temptation to lie or lust and keep fighting to fix my eyes on Jesus Christ and on things above. Highly practical stuff. No hi-fi Christianity. Everything I do must flow out of reverence for my Lord and from the strength He provides, obtained by seeking Him humbly. He must be my motive in everything. Such a life will count for eternity.

The tendency to focus on reach-outs, ministry, good works and other things (I’m not saying that these are not required) is always lurking. The truth is that focusing on such things will make me lose focus. They can gradually make me proud and subtly corrupt my motives, making myself the focus of everyday life. Rather, focusing on primary commandments will help every other cause and keep Jesus the center of my life.

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