“What does it mean to be a child of God?”

Few weeks ago, at our Bible study, our pastor brought up this question. We were challenged as to how often we think about this glorious truth – and its implications. We had this discussion as we were beginning a study on the Gospel of John – simply amazing! I did not stop there. I went home pondering. I wanted more of it. Knowing that you’re a child of God because of what Jesus did – not because of your efforts or will-power – and beginning to think about its implications had a profound impact. And I began to pen down a few points in my diary, tabulating “what”s and “what not”s, taking inputs mostly from the book of Romans which I’d finished reading two months back. As I share with you that which left me gasping, it is also my sincere prayer that these words would become your daily experience.

What it is
What it is not
I can approach God, my Father, without fear.
Romans 8:15
I’m not in the flesh. My mind is not (to be) set on carnal things.
Romans 8:9
God works all things for my good.
Romans 8:28
I’m not left dwelling in sin. God will convict and discipline me.
Hebrews 12:5-11
I’m predestined for everlasting glory by conforming to Christ.
Romans 8:29-30
I’m not to expect a smooth sailing, but must suffer with Christ.
Romans 8:17


There’s more in the Word of God. But even the few I started writing were so vast that I was forced to stop and meditate.

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