Die to live

Though I know Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I must say that many are the things I desire above Christ. Yes. I desire many things more than Christ. God knows the heart of every men. If we are honest, we’ll acknowledge this. We are close friends of worldly desires and evil lusts. But the Bible calls us to live a life wherein Jesus is LORD and the ultimate desire of our lives. It is not easy. We all can clearly see a humongous struggle raging within us as we try to please God more each day. I’ve penned down feelings related to this in a rather stark manner. Hope some of you will relate with this.

When I think about life,
First, I lust for a sexy wife !

I confess, though I’ve met Christ,
Love for this world is tied around my waist !

But Alas! My God ! My desire must be for Thee !
From this mind of death, who can deliver me ?

O how hard to digest – I must die to let myself live !
O Great God, I beg ! Grace to die to myself, give !

The world says that I can “enjoy” every moment
They live wild and to every vile yearning, give vent !

Please help me fix my eyes on Calvary
where Thou – being God Himself – gave up all for me !

O let me live my life by Thy Word
and patiently wait to be set free as a bird !

That blessed day of release shall be my hope !
Then I shall shed my robe of flesh in which I now grope !

But now, though for my worldly lusts I suffer loss,
Help me to faithfully carry my Cross !

Scripture Reference(s):

  • John 12:25 The one who loves his life destroys it, and the one who hates his life in this world guards it for eternal life.

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