Prayer O Prayer

This poem emphasizes three things about prayer we must never forget – one message in each stanza in the following order:

  1. God gives what we need and not things to fulfill our lusts.
  2. Don’t ask out of Jealousy, “I want what he/she has”. Ask what you need and not for what others have.
  3. Always say, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. Only then will God be glorified through the answer.

I’ve learned these truths the hard way. You too might find these truths painful. But I pray you’ll be helped.

When you go to God in prayer
And wait upon Heaven to deliver
In the tough and needy hour –
Always remember :
Christ promised to meet our need
His Word does not say He’ll feed
our lusts or fulfil our greed !
But know: the Lord will surely give
That which is sufficient to live !

The wise ask all for the Glory of God
and pray that their needs be met:
But the fool pursues very hard
to get what’s in His neighbour’s net !
So, when you ask, think twice:
For God loves the prayer of the wise –
But a fool will pay a heavy price !
Dear friend: only ask what you really need;
Say not, “I too want one of that breed !”

When you pursue your dreams,
Remember to say, “Thy will be done!”
For, no matter how hard you scream,
Apart from God’s will, you’ll get none !
Reflect upon these words dear friend
And persevere in prayer till the end
To Christ’s ways always learn to bend !
Know that prayer is for His Glory alone –
It is not your weapon, but God’s own !

Inspired by:

  • Numbers 11

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