Jesus alone !

Many things in life promise a happy ending. But they all flatter to deceive. But Jesus is not like that. He satisfies and He alone can. This is what this poem is about:

The feet of my heart were slipping
My heart was pumping all the time
wanting to hold on to something of great liking;
So I thought, “Let me find what it wants, for, ’tis no crime !”

So I began to hold on to money
I soon realized that I need
Someone who’s sweeter than honey !
For, like a leech, on my soul, money began to feed !

I began to hold on to Pleasure
I then found out that not here
but Somewhere else, there’s real treasure !
Lo ! Pleasure took me nowhere near !

I began to hold on to fun and folly
At one point, I sadly discovered
I really need Someone greater to make me jolly !
Laughter and hangovers only make your eyes red !

I began to hold on to great friends,
hanging out with them here and there;
But it all seemed to lead to a dead end,
for, they too were asking, “What and Where ?”

After many a stumbling, I learned slowly to hold on
to the One Who holds everything
in His Hand: true peace and joy were born
in my heart – I found out that Jesus is more than anything !

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