Three struggles

I think everyone will agree with me on this – bitterness, pride and lust are three areas of struggle that are very difficult to overcome. I thought I should write about these so that those who’re struggling would know that they’re not alone and also those who see me as somebody would know that I’m as filthy as anyone else, and that Jesus is the One who’s helping me deal with these struggles. Without Christ, I won’t have the courage to write this, for, all I can feel without His hope is shame! Four things have helped me fight these struggles (and are still helping. I’m not finished yet!)

  1. Forgiveness. Christ’s forgiveness has helped me forgive others (still learning and working on it though). I learned that the forgiver is in more trouble than the one who commits the fault because if he does not forgive, he himself will stumble and fall in a far worse manner – and will be left begging God for the forgiveness he should’ve dispensed in the first place.
  2. Mercy. The way Christ has had mercy on my wretched choices that I made out of my pride and arrogance. The way Christ gave me a second chance. This also compels me to give second chances to others.
  3. Peace. The peace and satisfaction that Jesus brings in place of deceiving lust. I must confess it takes a lot to remain there. I pray that I would and that you too would taste and remain in His abounding joy.
  4. Examples. Last but not the least, towering examples of godly men and women who’ve embodied Christ’s love, forgiveness, mercy and Grace before my very eyes.

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