Seeking to Persevere

These days, I’m beginning to take very seriously, the call to endure and persevere till the end. It is not the initial excitement but the continual commitment that will help us inherit the Kingdom of God.

Never forgetting that it is the Lord Who chose me and began His work in me and is keeping me by His power, I must press on (1 Corinthians 9:27). God will be faithful. But if I don’t persevere, I will not finish the race. As simple as that.

Why perseverance? Because perseverance is the sign of true faith. Perseverance is what differentiates the justified from the glorified. Perseverance tells apart the comfort-seeking believer from the cross-carrying follower. Perseverance (along with faith) is what set apart Joshua and Caleb – the only two who entered the promised land out of the six lakh who came out! Perseverance is not a virtue but being firmly rooted in every virtue without wavering or thinking about giving up or going back when trials strike and temptations invite.

So, no matter how hard or impossible our trials, let us not give up but encourage one another – our brothers and sisters in Christ – to persevere till the end, for, our Lord has promised to be with us in everything.

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