When I first met her

When I first met Linda, I thought, “OK, this is what she believes; these are the preachers she listens to; these are the books she reads; I don’t think we can agree”.

This is what I told my friend who was waiting for me to join him at the Airport after I had met her. And I closed the chapter. The day was 17th of November 2018. I had actually gone to Delhi for a two-day official trip and found the opportunity to club this rendezvous with my office agenda.

Three days passed after we met. Having finished pending office chores, I was on the verge of a two-week vacation to my hometown when I got a call from Linda’s dad telling me that she was expecting a friend request on Facebook. (Actually, I was the one who had asked her to send a friend request after we had met. She seemed hesitant then and so I passed. She still denies that she was hesitant :D).

An awkward photo we took when I first met my wife and her parents

But then, when I thought it was all over, it started all over again. Chatting with her everyday for two weeks during my vacation, I initially tried telling her indirectly that I would not agree with the spiritual books she read or the preachers she listened to. Eventually, I found that though she was not on point theologically, she had a heart to seek God and know Him – which ultimately overturned my initial decision and “prejudices”. And two years later, here we are now 🙂

I have always held that theological agreement is a prerequisite for a good marriage. I still believe that. But we have sharpened each other, learned from each other and grown in ways we could not have otherwise as individuals.

6 thoughts on “When I first met her

  1. Jim, I strongly believes it is always God who decides. The finallity always belongs to Him and to Him alone. We always praise God for God’s leading in your life because from your childhood you always had the fear of God. If a person fears God and leads his/her life accordingly He will definitely bless that person and bless that person in all his /her endeavors. We thank and praise God for you, Linda and kutti chellam.


  2. Dear Jim,
    That’s a great piece of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading. Keep it up and May God bless you all.
    Keep Smiling



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