My New Bible

I mostly write about what’s in the Bible. But this time, I’m writing about my Bible – a specific Bible that I now own and cherish. I love to read the Bible because it has turned my whole life upside-down, for better. And I also collect Bibles (my wife knows my obsession with Bibles – And that’s one thing she cannot complain about! :D).

I buy rare prints and editions from second-hand stores and drool over new, expensive ones. I do not read or use all my Bibles regularly but I glance upon them once in a blue-moon and cherish the uniqueness of each version.

What does it look like?

If your imagination rushed to a shiny new, leather-bound reference Bible with notes and explanations, you got it terribly wrong! The latest in my collection is a Reader’s Bible. I have been using it for almost 3 months and I cannot put it down. I tried switching over to other Bibles but am simply unable to. My new Bible is in every sense, old and timeless: it is an old-fashioned cloth-bound, hardcover, single-column Bible. Sure to remind you of grandpa’s days!

Sitting pretty with my morning coffee

What I like about the Reader’s Bible (as it is called these days) is this – it does not have any verse numbers or chapter titles. There are absolutely no headings and sub-headings to distract you. It is the plain old text of the Bible without any markings or intrusions. It is plain Bible text printed as it was written and handed over. Here’s a sample:

PS: The pretty coasters in the background with Hymn lyrics were made by my wife

Why this Bible?

My father-in-law looked at this and said, “I cannot refer to anything from such a Bible”. That is exactly why I got this Bible – because I did not want to refer to verses hither and tither.

I firmly believe what we need these days while reading the Bible is context – not references, notes or explanations.

Is it not amazing that God reveals more of Him to little children and not to the wise and understanding? (Now I don’t know where that verse is but it is in the Bible for sure! Somewhere in Luke 10). To have the Bible in such a format is so refreshing, powerful and elevating in every sense – than listening to scholars and Bible teachers, for, nothing can replace His Word. To have the truth is more valuable that a thousand Bible teachers with their lofty opinions.

I wanted to read the word of God in its context and see all of it in new light. The sub-headings and references somehow force you to see blocks and chunks of teachings and texts without proper context. I have benefited greatly from this and felt inspired to share this. (As of my writing, there’s only one of this kind left in stock!). Such reader’s Bibles come in other versions also – NIV has something called “Books of the Bible”. If you’re inspired, go and get one and share your experience in the comments 🙂

The next time someone quotes John 6:44 and says, “There you go! What I said is true!”, I would open my Bible and say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Come, let us read the entire passage and find out what it says…”

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