Give God the Glory !

The Glory of God and self cannot co-exist. If you exalt yourself and are keen on self-honor, you will sever yourself from God’s Presence. This poem warns us against the folly of exalting self above God.

Help me dear Jesus
Thy Name to lift up high !
Let me never forget Moses
who to the promised land,
led Israel and came so nigh,
but failed to step inside !
For, he made himself grand !
“From thy plea, Myself I hide !”
God said, “Ask no more !
They that render Me Glory alone
shall reach the sacred shore !”
God won’t turn tho’ we mourn !

Remember this my dear friend !
“I will not Give My Glory to another !”,
Saith the I AM – the beginning and the end !
Refrain from self-glory, dear brother
There is no favoritism with God –
He chastises all who sin and error !
His ways are just though they be hard
He intends good though He sends terror !
Think not you’ll get a chance next time –
God might not spare a second thought !
Glorify God ! Refrain not – its a deadly crime !
In the folly of pride, don’t get caught !

Scripture References:

  • Isaiah 42:8 I am the LORD! That is my name! I will not share my glory with anyone else, or the praise due me with idols.
  • Numbers 20:1-13

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