I come to Thee

A prayer of repentance, reflection and cry for help.

Temptations torment me
and frustrations fry me
Through it all, You are there –
Though I cannot see You

Fears and anxieties concuss me
But You know me inside out
and can surely help me through,
no matter how hard the ordeal

I come to you penitently,
bringing my burdened heart;
Turn my mourning into joy
that I may follow after You

I’ve strayed from Your Word –
Little thing I thought
But not so in your eyes
I see my folly now clearly

Compromising in small ways
is no different for You
Help me be sincere and alert,
always taking You at Your Word

For to do this, I need Your Grace –
This I desperately sense
I’ve leaned on my strength long:
Let me lean on Your powerful Hand

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