Who’ll be first ? The last !

First impressions are the best – but not so for God. Those who’re ahead in the race might lose out in the end and those who’re fallen might repent and come back with a stronger commitment – this is what the Bible teaches and I believe it’ll do us good to reflect on this Truth and learn precious lessons

What I once considered prophetic
turned out to be pathetic ! [1]

The preachers I once hated
turned out to be the ones God highly rated ! [2]

The people I highly admired
turned out to be the ones God had fired ! [3]

The weaknesses I feared most
turned out to be my greatest boasts !

The strengths I leaned on
are nowhere to be found, long gone !

God uses things the world
considered useless and hurled !

What the world honours,
God despises and dishonours

The world hated Jesus
But God used Him to deliver us !

By His own people, He was crucified
By that very means, a new people He sanctified !

He was nailed and sealed
And by those very wounds, we are healed

He lay silent for three days
But oh ! We never know God’s ways !

God was not dead:
Christ rose again, forever the Head !

Jesus is silent even now
But He’ll come again: don’t ask how !

So who’ll first finish the track?
Don’t think of those leading the pack !

Who’ll win the race? Not the strong !
You’ll be surprised that you were terribly wrong !

The battle is not for the powerful
But to those who trust Jesus – O how wonderful !

Christ alone is great
Let us all humbly bow before it’s too late !


  1. I’m talking about the overtly charismatic churches that lack spiritual discernment and do not subject the exercise of spiritual gifts to the authority of the Word of God
  2. Some preachers who I thought were scaring people and unnecessarily condemning them, turned out to be honest ones who cared about their souls
  3. Don’t ask me who they are! They will maintain the outward appearance of religion but will have repudiated its power. So avoid people like these. [2 Timothy 3:5]

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