The Only One !

We may possess many things in life but Christ alone can give meaning – without Him, everything else is in vain. That’s what this poem is about.

I have more than ten friends to hang out with and be carefree !
But there’s only One Who can satisfy me !

I can find a hundred places to relax and be at ease
But there’s only One Who can give me peace !

The world offers a thousand ways to entertain myself, O boy !
But there’s only One Who can give me joy !

I have today, ten thousand reasons to sing
All because of the forgiveness, truth and hope that You bring !

O how I admire the mountains, valleys and the snow
But You must be more beautiful than everything I know !

You are a mystery and will always be –
Yet I can be assured of your love for me !

You never stop fascinating my imagination,
Lifting me up from every sin and frustration

You turn every trial and temptation
Into a stepping stone for my salvation !

All your plans for me are good though some seem not
Help me faithfully follow You and do my part !

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