Once Saved Always Saved ?

“Once Saved Always Saved?”, is a wonderful book that I’m currently reading, written by theologian David Pawson. David points his readers to the Scripture and brings fresh perspective to the question, “Can a Christian lose his salvation?”


I’m not a Calvinist (though I was for a brief period). Though I don’t agree with the Reformed “Once Saved Always Saved” position, I worship with a reformed congregation here in Dehradun, India. Reformed Churches in India are unlike the ones in the west – Christians who come here hardly know what Calvinism or Arminianism is. Yes! Believe me! Most of those who come here love to feed on the rich expository sermons preached from week to week and don’t care much about the worldview of the Church. The mid-week home Bible studies are rich and the fellowship here is lively.

Coming back, I thought I’d post a sincere, heart-felt appreciation for David’s book. Whether you are an Arminian or a Calvinist, you must take a look at this book – even if you end up disagreeing – because I believe David has touched upon important aspects of the Christian faith by bringing an unbiased Biblical perspective. You’ll be truly enriched and challenged – grab your copy!

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